Thursday, April 23, 2009

Catholic Sushi

My son loves sushi. It really is his favorite food. And yes, this is the son who started eating raw oysters at the age of three. He is something else!

Christopher wanted to write a post for The Catholic Foodie. Of course, sushi was the first topic that popped into his head. He suggested we call it "Catholic Sushi." So, this short post is from Christopher. He wrote it, I typed it. Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Christopher Young. And I will be telling you about my favorite food, sushi! Sushi is very tasty. I made tuna sushi before. My favorite type is salmon. It's just... well, good! For those of you who like sushi, good for you. Those who don't, I feel sorry. I hope you liked what I have said. And until next time, Bone Appitite!


Mike said...

Hi Christopher. Thanks for sharing with us. I like sushi too. My two favorites are eel and spicy tuna. You should try a Hawaiian roll.

Andrea D said...

Awesome post!! My son loves sushi too! His favorite is crab rolls and tuna.

Anonymous said...

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Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Christopher, can you give me pointers for encouraging my kids to try (and like?!) the nourishing foods that you enjoy? You have a very mature mouth! :)

The Catholic Foodie said...

Kelly the Kitchen Kop,

I will teach your kids how to try, and like, sushi!

It's nice that you said that I have a very mature mouth. Thank you.

- Christopher

Bitte said...

Great blog! Have added it to my favs!

Cris said...

I don't eat sushi but this 3-year-old guy convinced me to try it! I'm going out now to buy one. :) And maybe you'll be a good chef someday with a special hidden sushi recipe.

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