Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Food Blogs I Read Daily

There are so many excellent food blogs in the blogosphere. I follow lots of them. Today I want to share 10 Food Blogs that I subscribe to in my Google Reader. They are listed in no particular order. You may want to check them out:

1. Copywriters' Kitchen

2. The Wicked Noodle

3. Greek Food Recipes & Reflections

4. Enjoy the Delicious

5. Foodie in Disguise

6. Meanwhile, Back in the Kitchen

7. Catholic Cuisine

8. My Kitchen Addiction

9. My Life as a Foodie

10. The Amateur Gourmet

These are just a few of the food blogs that I read. I will share more with you in a few days. Until then... What food blogs do you recommend?


Michael said...

Thank you for sharing! I look forward to exploring these sights.

the wicked noodle said...

Hey, CF! Great list of sites, there are about half that I don't believe I've visited; can't wait to check them out. Of course, I'm particularly partial to #2! Thanks so much for including me in your list!

Your adoring fan,

aka the wicked noodle

The Catholic Foodie said...

Thanks for the comment, Michael. I hope you enjoy them!

The Catholic Foodie said...


I really love what you are doing over there at the wicked noodle! I can't believe that you only started it in January. Wow! Please keep going. I check it everyday in Google Reader, and I go straight to the site when you have a new post. I will do my small part to make it a success.

Thank you!

The Catholic Foodie

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