Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fast and Foodie on Food2

Are you up for some new foodie fare?

Then check this out.

The owner of Food Network, Scripps Networks, launched Food2 on Friday, May 1. Food2 is a foodie fiesta, featuring video, recipes & tips, challenges, and its own blog.

Food2 is highly interactive. It's a foodie website that really incorporates social media. It's more than just a recipe site. It's a conversation about all things foodie. And, with full Facebook and Twitter integration, it allows you to take the conversation beyond the borders of Food2.

There are over 1000 videos on Food2, all about food and drink and cooking. They are fun, entertaining, useful... and portable! You can share them with friends or embed them on your own website.

Do you need new recipes? Tips on how to prepare a certain dish? Or do you have recipes and tips to share? You can do it all on Food2.

One of the cool things I like about Food2 is the challenges. The Great Food Shoot Out is a challenge that will begin in a couple of weeks. They want to see your food photography and, in exchange, you could win prizes... and a little glory. And, hey, I like prizes and glory!

Make sure you check out Food2!

You can find them
at Food2
and on Twitter
and on Facebook

Bon appetit!