Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lent: There's something fishy going on... Episode 11

Fish, feedback, public displays of religion, a cooking show recommendation, and a sneak peak at episode 12... All of this and more is on the menu at The Catholic Foodie, where food meets faith.

Here are some of the links mentioned in the show:

Made in Spain

Catholic Roundup

Here's another great blog post on Why Fish?

By the way, the album art (the photo above) is a photo of one of the funniest men alive, my good friend Robert Simpson. Don't you just love his shirt? It takes the Chick-fil-a cows and their signs to a whole new level!

Don't forget to write in or call to let me know your stories of St. Joseph! Has he answered your prayers? Do you have a special devotion to him? Episode 12 is devoted to St. Joseph and I want to hear from you!

Leave feedback at or call the listener feedback line at 985-635-4974.

You can download episode 11 here or listen to it below:


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